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Greetings, I have a question about metal roof leaking. We had a metal roof installed(standing seam i believe its called) and it proceeded to leak as soon as it started to rain. We called the contractor to fix it and he came and caulked all of the seams. Unfortunately this didn't get all of the leaks. I am always going on the roof and checking to see if the roof needs to be caulked again. We tried to get the roofer to come back to fix it but he kept telling me that i needed to keep the leaves of the roof, i guess that is what he thought the problem was but he wasn't coming back out to fix it. What can i do to live in peace and not to have to worry about my roof? What possibly, did the roofer do\not do that caused me all this headache? Thank you, Keith
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Keep leaves on the roof to prevent the leaks? This is a new one. I suspect you find another contractor.
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I believe he meant to keep the leaves off the roof, but either way, your roofing guy (I hesitate to call him a roofer) did not know how to properly install a metal roof. A standing seam roof should have cost you 5-10 times that of an asphalt shingle roof if applied properly by a professional crew.
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