Tim Dorgan
There are no contractors that you list near me. I have asked a local contractor with a good reputation and he said he will not install metal shingles because they are too thin and flap in the wind. Just what are the thicknesses or guages of the various metal shingles or shakes or tiles and what is the cost spread of them?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
We are an association and can not discuss pricing. The strength of a metal roof panel is based as much on its form as it is on the thickness. Thickness has typically been measure as a guage which truly is a range of thickness that the sheet will fall between. Then one must look at the type of metal. You have copper which is very soft but durable, zinc which is similar, stainless steel, aluminum and the most common which is metalic coated steel known as Galvalume (Zinc & Aluminum coating) and Galvanized (Zinc coating). Poducts made from thinner material are typically more economical however the raw material is higher priced. If you are worried about the products performance as the case with wind, ask to see the product approvals if they have any which provides review of the product to the various building codes. I currently do not know of any products that flap in the wind when they are properly installed and I would suggest that you choose a product from our members and contact the manufacturer to get your questions answered. Remember, you are making a lifetime purchase, so take your time and get what you need.
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