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We have a house on the coast that we bought in late 2008. I need to do some work on the roof and wonder if some of you experts could lend me your wisdom. It is ocean front and there is no protection from the elements. House was built in 86 and there are no trusses, just rafters, and a simple gable design (I think is what you call it) and all ceilings are high, with no attic spaces. The problem as I see it, when the original owner built it he did this: metal roof, insulation, batons, rafters. So there are some condensation issues plus if ever a strong enough wind kicks up and the metal roof is damaged, there is nothing between the tv and any wind/rain that wants in. In the meantime I had to add some extra strips of flashing to the ridge cap to prevent water intrusion on windy rainy days. I think the roofing is called snap lock and I want to remove it and install sheathing and tar paper and reinstall the metal roof and will probably put new insulation in. Here are a couple of my questions: 1. Do they make any tools to de-install the snap lock or can you do that with something home made or whatever? Or is there a good chance that it will be damaged when trying to take it off? 2. When I put in the insulation, should I use regular batting or one with a plastic or paper face? I think the face should be on the down side right? 3. Not sure if I should put the batons back on or attach the roofing directly to the sheathing and if I do or dont, should I seal the ridge and eaves or leave them open for ventilation. Thanx for any insight
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1. If you have a concealed fastener roof panel, you will probably damage it when you remove it. 2. In "Open Framing" construction, (no deck) you typically use a faced insulation and yes, the face should be toward the inside of the building. 3. There are a lot of things that need to be considered before you add decking or remove the existing battens. I would recommend you consult an engineer or well experienced builder in your area. (when you remove metal and the battens, what is holding your rafters in place)
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