Nancy Obarski
We have a 12-year old metal roof that is not the interlocking panels but a sheet of metal. The builder, as we have now discovered, installed a drip edge made of material that most roofers won't use inland in Florida, let alone on a Gulf front beach house. We have estimates from two roofers (about $10M) who both have a different plan and we don't know enough to decide which guy is correct. One company wants to lift the roof, removing all the fasteners, sliding new drip edge in place (the right stuff this time!) and then resecuring the existing roof. The other guy is worried about lifting the roof for fear he will bend it, compromising its integrity and has recommended cutting a section of the roof out all the way around, installing the new drip edge and then adding metal pieces to fill in the gaps where he cut the roof. We're worried about how that will look but also worried about bending the roof and affecting the integrity. From your experience, which one of these is the best plan?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Both are difficult at best. I would suggest not cutting the panels unless absolutely necessary.
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