Condensation with new metal roof, but not the old?

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I tore off a metal roof on a house and put on a new metal roof with underlayment. They are on 1x8 lathes. We vented the ridge, and left the eave ends open(no gasket) hoping to help ventilate. The roof is sweating something aweful now. The upstairs of this house is used for storage, the drywall is in terrible shape and no insulation over it, therefore exposing the underlayment and metal. He heats with gas and I'm sure there is high moisture in the house. The homeowner says it didn't sweat before but I don't see how. I believe he needs to tear all drywall down, insulate, add plastic vapor barrier, then drywall over that. Am I thinking correct? How do I avoid the blame when I feel we installed the metal proper?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your advice seems reasonable unless ventilation can be boosted. Have you vented out all pipes and things same as before? Has anything else changed to the house? New siding, windows ... ventless stove inside the house?
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