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Our house is 60 years old. We're about to replace the back dormer and lower roof with metal (standing seam). The current roof has 3 tab shingle which is ready for replacement. Although the shed dormer has some ice dams when there is heavy snow. We decided to go with metal because our understanding is that sealed seam won't allow any water to leak in should there be an ice dam. Although the house has little insulation and is undervented there are no problems with the roof structure, condensation, leaks, etc. Will replacing the shingles with metal make the house any more suseptible to condensation? Maybe it is just my lack of knowledge but I can't help thinking that metal is more suseptible to condensation than asphalt.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Because of the way it can transmit cold in this exact case metal could increase the potential for condensation.
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