gutter on metal roof shed dormer

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1.5 story cape cod. In the back the (low slope) shed dormer roof does not extend to the edge of the house. Currently there is no gutter on the shed dormer room. When it rains the water fall off the dormer onto a small lower roof with gutter. I'm about to put metal roof (standing seam)on and the contractor recommends putting a gutter on the dormer so that water does not fall onto the lower roof. I don't think it is a good idea because we sometimes get ice dams from snow. The contractor mentioned that without the shed dormer gutter we might see a "line" form on the lower metal roof where the water falls from the shed dormer roof. Question1: Will the gutter on the shed dormer roof add to ice dams? Question2: Will water from the shed dormer roof leave marks on the lower metal roof.
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