Metal roof condensation issues or leak

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I had a metal roof (ideal roofing H-16) installed last year on a steep pitched roof that is joined on top and on bottom by two flat roofs. It was professionally installed by our roofer. We are getting moisture inside our home where the base of the metal roof meets the flat roof. We are trying to determine whether the moisture is caused by leaks or condensation. I am also curious to know whether metal roofing with a cathedral ceiling application should be vented. We have vented roofing on both flat roof systems and an air space behind our metal roof but there are no breathers on our metal roof. I am wondering if that might be the cause of a possible condensation issue. Are there such things as breathing vents meant for metal roof products? We have experienced leaks on days where there are large melts outside (+5 degrees C). To me this means that it is either ice and snow that have worked there way in and stayed somewhat frozen until the melts and then come in OR it is condensation. If it is condensation, there must be something wrong with the application that we can fix so we don't get this every winter! Please help. The roof layering is as follows. Standing seam metal roof panels, ice and water shield, plywood, air space (around 1"), fiberglass insulation, vapour barrier, drywall. Thanks for your advice (in advance).
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