Condensation problems in fitness center under a metal roof

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We took over a 45,000 SF vacant grocery store space and converted it to a fitness center. The metal roofing and insulation were existing. For the most part the structure is exposed (no ceiling). There is an unacceptable amount of condensation and dripping from the roof during the winter months. We're considering: 1. insulation and a roofing membrane over the metal roof? 2. Closed cell foam on the underside. However, this is very problematic since the space is occupied. 3. Any better ideas? Thanks for your help
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
My only other idea would be to try to significantly reduce the moisture level inside the building.
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Do you see any problem with the rigid insulaton and single ply roofing membrane over the existing metal deck? One person I talked to said that may cause the existing metal roof to rust out. Thanks
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It won't cause the metal roof to rust out. Unless it leaks, which a new roof shouldn't. There are millions of sqft of roof done like this. But make sure you understand the whole process and cause of your problem. "Filling the flues" and adding a R-6 or so may not fix your condensation problem.
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