Metal Roof Exhaust Flashing

Guest User
I am looking for information about flashing for the exhaust from a Tankless Water Heater as it passes through a metal roof. The current flashing is a rubber like material. Are these types of flasings good for the elevated temperatures with the exhaust from these heaters.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Some are designed for high temp. You can also use an exhaust pipe with an insulated wall
Guest User
Before: HVAC guys cut holes in the roof for the pipes. This was a temp. fix.
Guest User
After: I made a soldered boot from galvanized steel to fit over the pipes. Then painted to match. The holes here where already cut so I had no choice, but you should try to arrange your Z-Bar so water flows around it easily - possible a diamond shape over a seam. This is one option.
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