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The contractor that put my metal roof on laid the metal where the longer part of the lap leg is placed over the top. (See attached photo). I had my roof inspected by a roofer and he says the metal is installed improperly. He said the over lap leg and the under lap leg are reversed. He said when it rains this can cause a siphoning effect and that i will definetly have moisture problems later. The contractor also cut the metal with a electric saw not shears, the roofer told me that the metal will rust prematurely every where he cut nad every place a spark hit the metal. I was just curious what some other opinions might be on this
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest contacting the roofing manufacturer regarding the mis-application. This may be primarily an aesthetic issue. However, if a dealer would do that wrong, I would suspect other things may be wrong as well. Cutting with a saw leaves a ragged edge that may be prone to corrosion. The hot shards can also bury their way into the paint finish and rust down the road.
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