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Was trying to pick a color for a new metal roof when I noticed that different colors have different Solar Reflectivity. The range seems to be from SR 25 (black) to SR 70 (white) on the color chart that I was given. I understand that an SR of 50 is going to be twice that of SR25 but how significant is this really in terms of performance. I would give up my prefered color choice (SR26) for something that is better (SR50) but not if the performance increase isn't measurable. What do you think?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It will give extra reflectivity and in a warm climate there may be value to that. The SR 26 will qualify you for the federal energy tax credit.
Guest User
Can you enlighten me - what Energy Credit is available? We're about to have a new metal roof installed to replace a comp roof. I'd sure like to find out about an tax credit. Thanks!
Eric Novotny
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