george sturgis
We are thinking of having a 24 gauge gavalume englert roof installed.WE have 2x8 vaulted roof with r-19 insulation it appears to have enough of a space between the rock and the sheathing.there are no baffles installed behind it.We have no eaves for any ventilation.The contractor is going to make vents hidden at the top of all vaults and conceal them.I beleive he is going to cut some of the sheathing at the top. Our question is will this be enogh ventilation?Our old roof will be torn off.He is going to use peel and stick high temp underlayment.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This sounds like he is trying to work in some exhaust vents but you also need intake vents in order to feed air to them. Would you have nay intake vents?
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