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Last question, I think. I know you all often hesitate to reply when it comes to pricing and I totally understand that. If it's allowable to answer this, could someone tell me if it seems within reason, all other things being equal, that the estimate increases by 23% when I ask for Kynar rather than SMP? Oh, I guess one more. Should I be concerned if I'm having trouble getting references? I've asked three times for references and all I'm getting are 'there's a house near X Place we did.' I get several of these 'somewhere near' but I can't seem to score some actual addresses/phone numbers. When I try to follow these vague directions, I either can't find anything with a metal roof or there are several houses with them. Unfortunately, this is (or seems to be) the only metal roofing 'specialist' in my area that roofs existing homes. Or at least the only one who responded to my request for an estimate. Much thanks again!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
That increase does not sound too out of line. Perhaps a little high but sometimes they may have some other extra costs in accessing the product. Yes, I would be concerned about not being able to see or talk to references.
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Thanks once again for the reply. I think I'll consider this one a no-go. As of today, I have yet to receive addresses/ph numbers even though I made it very clear that was what I wanted. Either he's calling people trying to find someone to give a good word or he's doesn't intend to get back with me at all. Either way, he's out of the running now. Guess it's asphalt again for me. Maybe next time I'll have more metal options. Bummer. But I learned a tremendous amount from this site and will recommend it to someone else I know who is considering a metal roof. Much thanks.
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