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Currently have wood shakes that will be ripped off, leaving the wood roof slates on. First metal roof estimate said didn't need plywood or osb over slats, that metal roof soley placed over the wood battens. The second estimate included plywould in his estimate and said normally included on all their roof installations. Now, I am confused. Which one is correct? Are weather here is temperate. Would the playwould help with insulation, or shearing purposes or does the roof itself do this as first contracter claimed. Any help greatly appreciated. Thaks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest going back to the manufacturer of each product and seeing what they say. Your existing shake roof probably was very breathable meaning it was fairly energy efficient and also allowed moisture to escape. Your new roof will probably be less breathable. This could mean that without ventilation you might have condensation issues and heat build up issues. Decking is a good way to help prevent those things and also to support good ventilation in the attic.
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