Kevin Lamb
I have an existing metal roof 5 years old. Rain drips from the edge of the gutter on the second floor onto the first floor metal roof which is random and very bothersome. the drips impact basically one section of the roof panel. The bedroom below has a cathedral ceilign with 2 by 12 construction and R38 bat insulation. Tearing up the ceiling is not an option. Are there any products available that can be applied to the surface of the metal roof to deaden the impact noise. I was thinking of using the self adhereing stick-on flashing on the one panel where the water impacts the roof. Does anyone have ideas or thoughts on this or any other method of silencing/decreasing the impact noise. I don't mind the rain noise, it's just the irregular and random impact of the larger drops tha is disturbing.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, is there any way to stop the dripping?
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