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i built an addition onto my was a diy job that was tedious but managed to accomplish.started this in april 09 and still in process.funding used metal roof over 1"x4" slats running oppisite the trusses this is what the metal is attached to.we have the ridge cap with the foam enclosure non vented style.there are no soffits on yet but we cut 2x4's to fit in between the trusses on top of the outside wall but there are no foam enclosures on this end. the interior of the addition is unfinished, no drywall and no ceiling yet.we have been having issues with condensation on the inside of the metal roof.when we purchased the metal from the contractor we told them what we were using it for but didnt inform us at the time that there is a blanket that has to be put down under the metal to prevent this type of problem.i do have a non powered gable vent installed but doesnt seem to helping there something that i can install on the bottom side of the metal roof to alleviate this problem. i was looking at encapsulated insulation and putting it in between the trusses against the metal.would this work?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you have good ventilation, this should not be an issue once it is completed though I would suggest a vapor barrier behind the ceiling drywall and also plenty of insulation. Another option is to spray the underside of the roofing with polyicynene foam insulation
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