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I have heard that there is a corrugated steel roofing with solar paint which would make the entire roof surface one big solar collector. Do you know of such a thing? I would really appreciate some information of this. In addition I have seen steel roofing used as an inside finish...they put metal roofing on the exterior of the roof and sandwiched styrofoam between the ceiling side laye, again using steel roofing and used it as a carefree roof finish. It was not particularly attractive as they used the steel color and ripple style. I would like to know two this workable? Would the styrofoam melt or breakdown and give off nasty gases? Have you ever heard of this being done. Also can you use a roof ridge vent with metal roofing and with the above application would it be a good idea as you would not be using soffit ventilation. I am building an A frame type of open ceiling with a room in the attic. I like the idea of metal roofing and have an idea which I have been working on. That is of a metal ceiling that would be finished to look like conventional roof materials with swirled stucco or whatever but would be permanent and not absorb the odors and moisture of a conventional ceiling. Is there such as thing already invented? If you can do low maintenance metal roofing for the exterior roof why not make something that can be used as low maintenance and good looking for the inside. I know there used to be pressed sheets of tin that were inserted in frames for ceilings. I would really appreciate your or someone else who knows...input on these ideas. Thank You and Happy New Year! Debby Bennett
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Debby,. good questions. Ridge vents do not perform well without soffit vents. There is no paint system available today that collects solar but there are thin film PV laminates available on many metal roofs to do the same thing. There are metal ceiling systems available though they may not give the exact look you are seeking.
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