standing seam metal roof and ice and water shield

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i recently had 2900 sf of standing seam metal roof installed on a new home i am building and GC'ing it myself. i paid for the material directly and used a installing contractor that was recomended by a construction aquaintance. about half the roof is 1.5:12 and the other half is 2.5:12. the contractor told me that ice and water shield is only required at the low eaves 3 ft up. the rest of the roofs are installed directly on the 3/4" plywood. we are also using closed cell spray foam insulation. we were told that we do not need venting in the soffits with spray foam. i am concerned with the installation. the skylight and chimney had leaked and they are in the flatter roof. aslo there appears to be a lot of moisture in the plywood in the flatter roofs. we are currently roughing in plumbing and HVAC and i am about a month away from spray foam. after the 2 leaks i researched the manufactures installation instructions and the 2 curb penetrations were not installed per manufactures details. at that point i discovered the manufacture recomends a minimum pitch of 2 and it could be designed flatter with the use of ice and water shield. my question is, is the roof ok installed directly on plywood and do i have any recourse with the installing contractor? we elected not to pay for manufactures shop drawings because they were $5000 and the roof is basicall 4 different rectangls with no valles
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sorry about the misaspelled words, the message posted before i could check it. also we used morin kingspan panels. can these be removed and then reinstalled after installing ice and water shield everywhere?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In my opinion there should have been underlayment. Yes, the panels probably can be removed and re-installed. Check with Kingspan.
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