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I have obtained a ‘proposal/contract’ from my local metal roofing folks. I’m a complete idiot at all things home ownerish, but to me the proposal/contract looks a little sloppy. I’m trying research stuff out so I know exactly what to ask them to include in a revised proposal. The company I’m looking at hiring is good to answer questions if I ask, and have given me information to research things myself (including this forum) but I have discovered it seems I have to know JUST what to ask and how…. Which I can’t blame them for, they can’t guess at what I don’t know. 1- Manufacturer’s warranty: I read the manufacturer’s warranty for the product the local company offers (btw, the product is satisfactory, I believe…it seems to meet all the testing requirements, the gauge is 26, but that seems typical for the low impact weather conditions in my area. Plus they are listed in this site’s list of manufacturers.). The warranty seems pretty standard. Now I’m no lawyer, but the warranty (which includes film, chalk, and fade ratings and warranties) seems to involve the ‘Seller’ (the manufacturer) and the ‘Buyer’ (the local roofing guys). It does not actually define who the ‘buyer’ is, but it sure seems to indicate it’s the person who purchases the product from the ‘seller’ who is defined as the manufacturer. It clearly states the warranty is not transferable. How does the warranty apply to me if it’s between the manufacturer and the roofing company? If it doesn’t transfer, then where does that leave me? 2- Local Roofing Folk's warranty: the proposal/contract says ‘warranty is 5 years labor.’ Is that standard language? Shouldn’t it define what that means? How does one even warranty ‘labor’? I would rather the fruits of the labor be under warranty, but it doesn’t say anything about that. What wording should I ask them to put on the proposal/contract to clarify their warranty? Should I ask them to include a statement that says they follow manufacturer’s specifications for installation? 3- The proposal contract says for preparation: ‘udl under layment.’ That’s it. Shouldn’t it specify weight or something? I’m not finding much about underlayment, but what I can find indicates there are different weights. What weight would I need? (The metal roof will be applied over an existing single-layer asphalt shingle roof that’s in good condition.) 4- Paint system: first, is ‘paint system’ and ‘finish’ interchangeable? The manufacturer sometimes calls the color a ‘paint system’ and sometimes calls the exact same thing a ‘finish.’ Anyway, the manufacturer of the product my local guys offer creates the panel I would get with three paint options: their house brand, a PVDF (Kynar 500), and acrylic coated galvalume. The local guys have offered the product only with the manufacturer’s house brand, which is a polyester modified with silicone. The manufacturer claims their product works ‘much like’ PVDF and offers ‘good’ protection from the elements. (‘Good’? Not great?!) Everything I’ve read though says modified polyesters are inferior, though not the worst, finishes. Should I ask my local guys to upgrade my proposal to the PVDF, assuming they will agree to that? I know this is a personal choice, but based on the warranty and the manufacturer's claims, I’m not seeing that the house brand paint is expected to fail sooner than PVDF, but then…they are trying to sell a product. 5- The proposal doesn’t mention whether the panels are ‘minor ribs’ or ‘striations.’ As far as I can tell, this is just a matter of aesthetics. Is there any structural reason to select one over the other? Thank you very much for any insight.
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Thanks Debra. Good questions. 1) That sounds like a warranty that would be given to a company that is buying painted coil from someone else and then rolling it into panels. Regardless of whether your contractor is providing finished panels or rolling them from coil, they need to provide you and appropriate and true warranty. 2) That is not unusual wording and "labor" would refer to the workmanship that goes into applying the roof. You may want to ask them to include stating that the roof will not leak or have other forms of water intrusion. 3) UDL probably refers to a synthetic underlayment and those are not sold by weight. You may wish to confirm this. Synethetics are fine. 4) The Kynar 500 finishes will provide better fade and chalk protection than a modified super polyester. In your geographic area that is important. Modified super polyesters are good though and certainly not a horrible option. 5) You need to know and approve of exactly what profile is being installed. Minor striations can help avoid the appearance of oilcanning in the finished panels.
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Thank you very much. I've been discussing the warranty with the local guys and they are saying the warranty will be between me and the manufacturer. I'm really the buyer and the local guys are more like a broker, I guess. There's a certificate they complete for me (I saw this with the warranty at the manufacturer's site, but wasn't sure what it did.) This is what other home owners are telling me, too. But I'll make sure before I commit. :-) I really appreciate your response. I think I'm getting near a decision to get a metal roof!
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