Diverting snow/redirecting snow drifts

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I have an interesting problem. I own 200ft X 120ft metal horse barn. Roofline is East/West. Roof top is not centered over facility but rather over the large indoor arena on north side, so the roof angle towards north is steeper than on the south side. Stall doors are facing south, wind comes from the North/Northwest. Every time we get any sort of wind/snow combination we get severe snow drifts on the south side of barn (up to roofline), I believe because the barn is acting like a large snow fence. Is there something I can install on the metal roof to help divert the snow drifts on the ground? I was wondering if someone makes roof attachments that change the angle/direction of wind as it goes across the roof. I have seen other posts referring to a snow fence - do they make a roof mounted snow fence and if so, would that work? (ground snow fence just can't be built that high). Any help greatly appreciated! -- Karen
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Snow fences on roofs are for preventing snow from sliding -- they are relatively low profile. What concerns you about the drifting? Provided the building was built to code, it should be able to handle the weight.
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my only concern is that I have huge snow drifts that accumulate on the south side of the barn on the ground blocking off horse stalls. Because of this, each time it is windy and snows I have to spend countless hours digging out the south side of the barn with bobcat and hand shovel. I was wondering if there is something I could put on the roof or roofline to change the wind patterns to cause drifting snow elsewhere??
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