Can you lay new metal over old metal?

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I have and old metal shed and I was wondering instead of replacing the metal on it if I could just overlay it with new metal to save me time and make the whole process easier. Is this possible to do? Or should I worry about moisture getting caught in between the metal and rotting it out. Or is there something I can put in between the metal to help prevent that, like insulation or some kind of liner? please e-mail me back with the answer, thanks in advance.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You can retrofit an existing metal roof with a new metal roof. You first should determine if the structure can support the weight of another roof on top of the existing one. I would also suggest that you vent the cavity between the roofs to help prevent condensation and to lower the roof deck temperature during the summer. A good metal roofing contractor (hopefully a MRA member)should be able to help you.
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