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I just had a standing seam roof installed but the ridge trim looks bad. I've attached a pic and maybe someone can comment. The trim bends at every seam. Did the roofers install it correctly?
Hi, I uploaded additional higher-res photos of the ridge trim to Flickr at As you can see, there's basically a wave affect only the ridge. It appears that only foam was inserted underneath the ridge instead of metal closures (I have a closeup pic). Is this an appropriate way to do ridge caps? The ridge that was used is the Mueller CF and AP Ridge Roll Profile #0222 (you can see it in the catalog at The panels are Mueller CF panels. Thanks for any feedback. I'd like to be informed enough to walk through this with the roofers. Frank
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Normally for these applications I suggest the use of Z Channel as a cleat to attach the cap to rather than exposed fasteners. That avoids any rippling. However, that would also eliminate venting. I would at this point suggest heavier gauge metal for the cap.
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It appears they used a closer such as emseal or something simalar. Not a venting material. a heavier material isnt needed just new cap with hems on both sides and a z closer with butyl tape
Doug Hawkins
z closer seems to be the normal...but it eliminates venting. Sooo...why is it the standard.
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