chuck chuck
I'm building a 2 story framed garage with a cut 6/12 roof and an 8/12 dormer. The roof is felted, all flashing is on, and the dormer roofing is complete. So far I've managed to build the whole garage solo but getting 17' long by 3' wide verticle rib 29 gauge sheets up on the roof without kinking or scratching them has me baffled. I know this is usually done by a crew, but are there any tricks to the trade when working alone to get long sheets up where they go? Thanks, the lone ranger
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Take a long extension ladder and lay it up tp the eaves extended out as far as possible to get the most slant. At the bottom add on a couple of 16' 2x6 to get it out farther. You can now lay a sheet onto the ramp you have built. First get a good pair of vise grips and a long rope with a knot in the end. You can then put the rope through the jawsand clamp down on the sheet. Best have 3 men on the roof. One pulling the ropeand two to grab the sheet as it comes up and over. Hope this is a good enough description. Good luck.
Guest User
Allan, thanks, the method works great. I just used a fully extended 28' ladder. It's slope is steeper than the roof, but handled gently, the Fabral GR3 is ridgid enough that it doesn't buckle when pulled up over the top of the ladder. Once up on the roof, I am able to get the sheet into position and screw it down single handedly with no problem. hi-ho trigger.
Guest User
need to know how to install my own metal roof. could you send me a link please
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for thinking metallically! The Metal Roofing Alliance is a coalition of residential metal roofing manufacturers. Through this website, you can link to manufacturers by product style. Installation instructions vary according to product profile and need to come from the manufacturer of the product you choose. Good luck.
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