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Hi My shed building was hit recently by mild hail. The insurance adjuster stated that the damage is not really too bad and might be repaired without the full replacement but declined to offer any further details. The roofer who replaced my house shingles suggested to use a special coating to shed building roof instead of replacing it. He said that many customers are pursuing this method if the damage is not severe. I called the insurance to get more information on the coating process to save few dollars, but they have no records of such alternate treatment. They are, however, open to the idea if I can provide some documentation from a reputable company showing that a paint coating of sort can be as good or close to a full replacement. My question to you, do you know of any treatment and of any company that does this type of work and can provide such information or guaranties? The building is 40x60 and was build in Oklahoma City,ok. about 3 years ago, by Callahan Steel ( Thanks. Sam
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am unaware of anything like this.
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