Animal and/or Rat damage

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I am considering to re-roof my house with stone coated steal roof. However, I had roof rat problem in the past. I wonder whether I shall worry about rat chewing on the roof. I can easily remove the coated stone by my hand. I believe the rat can do it also. Then, the roof will loose the nice appearance quickly. Also, the metal is pretty thin. I am afraid the rats can chew through the metal. Then, I will have a leak for sure. Do I worry too much? Before I put quite sizable investiment, I want to make sure I have considered everything. Your answers is greatly appreciated.
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I have a garage/studio with a corrogated metal roof and a rather crude ridge vent covering a BIG vent opening (almost a foot). Works fine, but the damn squirrels can get in easily, especially at the ends. I was going to try to rodent-proof using hardware cloth, but the building is all-metal construction and I can't figure out how to attach the screening (metal to metal) without drilling more holes. Is there any kind of space-age adhesives or tape I can use? welding? Any suggestions?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You need to go to Martha Stewarts cupboard on this one. Squirrels are bad once they gey in. If sounds like you have an agricultural ridge vent and it is missing the end cap. For the ends I would fabricate one up out of a piece of metal with simple hand tools and fasten it in using "stitch" screws which are designed for metal to metal connection and come with rubber seals. If they are getting in along the length and you need to screen in a larger area try cutting the screen to width and coating one side with contact cement. Then coat the meta and when dry install it. Then use paint over it with either a colour matching paint or clear acrylic which will seal and weatherproof the glue. Hope this helps.
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