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Which ice/snow block product to you recommend for metal roofs? Do they also prevent large icicles from developing? That was a big problem last winter.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I always recommend the S-5! system. It works very well on most all metal roofs when properly installed. I know of nothing that will always prevent icicles as they are formed from dripping water that freezes at a cold eave. Having a well vented attic space or a metal roof with above sheathing ventilation will help considerably as this helps keep the whole roof at close to the same temperature which will stop "hot spots" in the roof due to heat loss, which allows snow to melt and run down to an eave that is colder. Even with the above, on sunny days, the sun may warm up an area of a dark colored roof enough to melt snow that will allow water to run down the roof to an eave that is shaded and still cause icicles.
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