Metal Roof w/ reflective bubble insulation

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I currently have a catherdial ceiling, R=19 insulation (i think not well vented) and a roof needing to be replaced (wind / hail) damage. The quote I'm getting is to lay reflective bubble insulation on the current roof, use 2 x 4 ferring strips then install the metal roof on top. Any pros or cons I need to think about? Am I doing the right thing? Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Rob
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
This approach works well if you also incorporate a vented eave and ridge to allow airflow under the new roof.
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Ken, Thanks for the quick reply. I'm a new home owner.... vented eave? Is that the same as a soffit vent? If so, I already have soffit vents cut in and they will put a complete ridge vent along the top of the roof.
Eric Novotny
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The vented eave concept that he is talking about is different from a soffit vent. Soffit ventilation is for attic ventilation. Vented eave ventilated directly under the roof panel in the air space created by the 2x4 furring strips.
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