How can I get my new roof inspected by a pro?

Steve Dobson
Hello, I have a gut feeling my new roof was not installed correctly, and I fear future leaks. It already leaked bad while they were installing it. I see the valleys that meet at the gables coming down to the drip edge doesn't seem to look right and has open shear cuts with open holes which I believe will leak and rot out the sofet. Can I send pictures to this sight for others to give me their oppinion? I also see rust stains in various parts of the roof. Also see rubber stains or possibly scratch marks that formed the high seems. I have a bright white metal roof and about to pay $17,000.00 for it.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would encourage you to contact the manufacturer of the roofing to see if they will inspect it, perhaps even just via photos, and provide input. They may also have an expert to suggest.
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