Hired professional roofer doesnt know how to... looks like...

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Hello, My husband and I hired a professional roofer to put metal roofing on our double wide manufactured home. Our roof has one dormer above a large bay window but it is set back on the roof. so there is more "downward" roofing in front of it. THe roofer has taken roofing material and "rounded" it over the bottomg corner angles so it doenst look like a nice crisp corner. I complained to him that this looks like crap and he states that that is the only way he thinks he can do it. I have been looking at other roofs around town and NONE of them look like this. He has the valley material coming up OVER the roofing material in front of the dormer so it doesnt lay down straight as well. Please help me in how I can fix this as it really does look bad and he wont ask any questions. We also later found out he just started his business. The insurance co hired him.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
He probably could have flashed this with crisp folds and bends and also put hems on the edges of the flashing rather than left them raw.
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