Tracey Temelini
I have a galvanized metal roof that has been peeling. We want to paint it, what paint due we needed,do we have to prime it and is weather a factor.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
You will want to clean it and prime it before the top coat. I suggest going to a top quaity paint store and using the system they suggest or, better yet, seek out air-dry Kynar.
Guest User
I have a green metal roof that was second grade when applied, has been on more than 10 years and is faded really bad. I was told by the seller that there was no recourse and paint would not last long, what is your opinion and, if feasible, what kind of paint and method would you suggest.
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Painted finish is only as good as the surface it is going over. If the paint on your existing roof is just UV degraded and not coming loose from the roof, it is likely that the surface can be properly prepped and re-finished as Todd mentioned. I am not super familiar with the re-paint application so I will defer to the pros.
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