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We live in the desert southwest (southern NM). Our patios face west northwest and get blasted by the sun. We are considering a cover for our patio and think that the corrugated metal look will enhance the southwestern look of our flat roofed home. I want one with exposed support beams and able to see the metal roofing. I'm in the process of getting estimates from our local builders and I wish to know a bit more about the support system needed for such a roof. I think that we need to have the basic structure and then to have horizontal supports about every 3 feet. I expect there to be flashing where the roof connects to the house (at 10 off the ground) and a bit of an edge past the support beams on the outside edge of the patio (10 feet from the house and 8 feet high). Can we use the simple sine patterned corrugated metal sheets for this project? Am I right on the support structure? Thanks for the information.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Your structural support questions must be addressed to the manufacturer of the roofing you choose. They will have test data to provide these answers. Additionally, for the structure itself, be sure to check with your local building inspector. Where this ties into the main roof, if at all possible have at least a 6" drop from the upper roof to this one. That will help with the transition. Also, make sure that you have the appropriate pitch for the roofing you're installing.
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