Installing a Steel Roof Over Wet Shingles

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Good Afternoon, I apologize if this question has previously been addressed on this forum, but are there any potential problems that may arise if a steel roof is installed over wet shingles? Also, is the temperature a factor when installing a stell roof. My situation: I planned to install a steel roof later this week over my existing shingles, but it started snowing last weekend and looks like it may continue to rain/snow through my installation time. Could trapping moisture under the steel lead to any problems down the road? Note: We will be putting down a layer of fanfold insulation over the shingles. Also, it will likely be in the 40's this week around here. Can installing in cooler weather lead to any problems? Thanks in advance for the input! Seth
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I highly encourage a layer of underlayment over the old shingles. Having moisture in them will not be a problem now or in the future.
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