Replacing asphault on metal underlay

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Hi, I bought an older home with the roof being made of metal. On top of it there are regular asphault shingles. There are no nail holes in the roof inside the attic. The roof has metal framing (looks like gurders) holding up the sheet metal. The sheetmetal pieces are bolted together. How do I remove the old shingles and replace them without putting nails or screws through the metal. The roof has absolutely no leaking. Years ago the roof wat hit by a tree and there was no damage. I have no intention of putting plywood in place of the metal since the metal has a 50-100 yr. life expectancy. Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry but I have no idea how your current shingles are installed. when you remove them you should be able to determine how they were applied and perhaps replicate the same thing. ???
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