Transition from overhand to gable end

Daniel Sullivan
I am putting steel roofing on an old barn. It is a simple rectangular barn with one exception. On one gable peak, the eave is angled into an overhang. I don't know the name, but this feature is used for hauling hay up to the loft. I'm trying to figure out how to transition from the edge drip trim on the overhang to the gable end. Standard gable trim would catch water from the edge drip trim. Any ideas?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Yes, standard gable trim will also catch ice and snow. I recommend a fold-over style gable on this application where the panel is actually folded on the bias over the raked gable and received into a channel. Heavily corrugated panels cannot have that done though so in those cases the panel must be simply cut to the angle and left open.
Guest User
Thanks for the post. I had reached the same conclusion and it seems to work okay. Not perfect, but should be reasonable.
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