Thickness and product selection help req.

Dan Pifs
Hi, I'm wondering how important gauge is and how much importance it should play in my decision making process. I'm interested in these two products: - Gerard stone covered shake 26 gauge - Edco Arrowline Enhanced shake 30 gauge Assuming I could install these for the same price which would be the best value and product. I could use some help as I'm really torn which would be the right choice. Is this a no brainer? Your assistance would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Absolutely not a no brainer. Gauge is only one thing to look at. Ultimately, virtually all of these products pass the same performance tests as far as wind resistance and fire resistance and other things. Due to product design, it would be very feasible for a lighter gauge product to outperform a heavier one. Both products you are considering are well designed and proven and I personally would be very comfortable with either one.
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