Dan Pifs
Hi, I'am in the process of researching and deciding on which steel roof to go with on my home and have a few questions
Dan Pifs
This posted too fast! I'm interested in a Gerard shake style roof and was wondering if the coatings on these are know to be problematic? I did a quick google search and came up with 2 reviews and both reviewers had problems with leaks and one had problems with the stone coating coming off after only a couple years.... Do you think I have anything to worry about with the stone coatings on that product? Thanks!
Guest User
Why don't you go with a vertical snap lock panel with a pvdf paint system. 24 guage grade c steel is what we use. It lessons the risk of leaks compared to the other system and looks very nice
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Proper installation is critical to any metal roof. Many of the shingle style products are very attractive and fit well in virtually any residential setting. They also are usually well received by HOAs and ARBs. Stone coatings have been tried and proven and undoubtedly improved over the years. I would suggest talking to the manufacturer and asking them about their track record with their coatings. As for older jobs you can visit. Any product can have an occasional failure. Sometimes unfortunately folks only talk about that occasional failure and not about the thousands of successes.
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