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I am building a pole barn myself. I will have 2x8 trusses 24"OC with 2x4's on top running perpendicular to the trusses, which I will attach the metal roofing to directly. I was planning to use 5v metal roofing. I was told that the metal roofing should be screwed in a 12" x 18" pattern, so my 2x4's would need to be 18"OC to accommodate that. I wanted to know three things. 1) Is this screw pattern OK? On 5v, that would be a screw on every crimp, every 18" up the panel. 2) This is my first metal roof, although I have done several single roofs. With that in mind, is 5v my best choice or would another style be easier for a novice? 3) I was told that silicon caulk should be used as a seal at every edge overlap joint. Another post on your site made me question that, what do you suggest?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry ... I do not mean to pass the buck but the questions you ask relate directly to how individual panels have been designed, manufactured and tested. These questions must be answered by the manufacturer of the product you are installing.
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