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Greeting! I'm talking myself out of this, but I tought I'd ask anyway. I live in a 50' diameter geodesic dome. The roof looks similar to the one pictured on, except I don't have a cupula, but do have a few triangle shaped skylights. I asked the manufacturer of my house if anyone had ever tried a metal roof and they said yes, but unsuccessfully. We already have a condensation problem when it's really cold... we don't have a attic, so there's no benefit from attic circulation. Any thoughts or ideas that would sway me towards metal?? (maybe on my next house!!) Thanks.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Typically the domes used a sandwich construction that may not have contained enough insulation for certain climates and were errected without an interior air barrier. As a result warm moist air migrates up though the joints and condensates. In selecting any roof system, make sure that you install a good quality underlayment and if you do have air leakage, you may want to consider some ice and water shield in some spots after consulting with the manufatuer. As well choose a light coloured system. There are few commodity metal roof systems that adapt well to this configuration with experienced metal mechanics. I have however seen a few custom metal sytems installed by experienced crews that worked excellant and looked great. They formed diamond metal pans with hooked joints that were actually very economical. Ask around for a well established sheet metal shop. Good luck.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
In terms of a dome home, perhaps no single building product provides more aesthetics, protection, or efficiency than the roof. Additionally, with a dome roof, you have a high labor cost to install no matter what product you choose. For these reasons, metal is ideal. However, proper installation is essential and proper installation, in my experience requires someone who has had successful past dome experience. I have seen many very nice dome roof installations with "stock" metal shingles over the years, primarily aluminum and copper for their great malleability. Good luck.
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