Should I replace old metal roof?

Fred Fred
I have a 100+ year old home with a "5V" metal roof, probably installed in the 40's, making it about 60 years old. It has some light surface rust in places. Looking at the underside in the attic, the roof looks nearly new. It has been "kool sealed" at least once. The roof is somewhat complex, the house is 4000 sf. There are three minor leaks, attempts have been made to stop them with no long term success. Due to the pitch I can't access two of the leaks and am getting tired of paying people to try to fix the leaks. Should I replace or keep fixing? If I replace, should underlayment be installed or is "stripping" with 1x2's OK as one contractor said?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Generally, it sounds like your existing roof is in good shape. My first suggestion is to find someone who is quite experienced with metal roofing to see if they can't troubleshoot and repair the leaks. If you do decide to replace, most types of metal roofing for residential application require solid decking beneath them. However, there are some shake and tile profile products as well as some vertical seam products which can be installed over strapping. Not being able to see your roof puts me at a disadvantage but, from what you're telling me, installing one that can be installed on strapping over your existing roof is probably an option.
Guest User
If I remove my metal roof and the purlins are on two ft spacing, do I need to put 2" x 4" boards over the purlins then the 5/8" or 3/4" CDX plywood and then the felt and composite shingles. I thought if I just put the plywood on the purlins, I won't have any ventilation from the soffit to the ridge. Plus the 2 x4 will give me a little space between the insualtion and the plywood. Do you agree?
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