marvin ball
I have no codes to comply with. I want to run 1 x 4 slats horizontally on my composition shingles, then lay vertical panels over that. Is this too simple to be true? If this is acceptable,I have other questions. How far apart should I set the slats? How far from the bottom edge of the roof to the first slat? This roof is a 4/12 pitch. I built it in 1989 and just discovered my first leak last week. What kind of tool would make cutting as easy as possible? What about cutting a hole where my overhead electric service comes in? There would have to be some sort of horizontal cut over to the hole. How would I seal that off? I plan on using 26 gauge. Thanks for any and all help
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The key is in finding what panel you want to install. Many metal roof panels can be installed as you plan and the spacing of the boards will be dictated by the metal roofing producer. Additionally, many metal roofs coule be installed over your existing shingles with underlayment -- no additional boards. Electrical service -- your metal roofing supplier should provide collars for this purpose.
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