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Does this commercial building already have a "cool roof?" If a white colored roof was installed in 2001, can one expect to reduce cooling or heating load with a newer coating? The existing roof has a flat portion with white elastomeric material. This differs from the orginal specifications for ASTM D4637, Type I, Class U, unreinforced 0.06-inch thick EPDM - color: black. The sloped portions are covered with Aluminum, ASTM B209, alloy 3003H-16, 0.032-inch, smooth, finished with polyvinylidene fluoride: Kynar 500 - color: white.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The white Kynar will probably retain its reflectivity quite well over the long term. The white elastomeric will probably develop some dirt accumulation and even biological growth which will diminish it reflectivity over the long term.
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Is there a roof coating that you would recommend please. I have an aging steel roof that needs a good coat of something... Thank for your insight and help!
Eric Novotny
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If you know the manufacturer of your roof, I would call them first. Painting and existing metal roof is as much about preparation as it is about the material.
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