Insulation under steel shingles?

Guest User
We're looking at Metalworks Astonwood steel shingles. Is is possible to put a foam insulation under the metal and over the top of the existing asphalt using 1x2 or 2x4? Our home is log and the living area is open beam with nothing between us and the sky except cedar decking and asphalt shingles. We also have 3 skylights and would like to flash those in properly too. Any and all advice greatly appreciated. Thanks !
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I personally would not suggest the foam option underneath MetalWorks but I would defer to Tamko, the manufacturer, so I suggest you check with them. One very effective option would be to use vertical sleepers over the rafters to create a roof over the existing roof, installing new plywood and then underlayment and the roof. Ventilate the resulting chamber and you will help the energy efficiency of your overall roof system.
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