Installation over wet vapor barrier/insulation

I made the mistake of trusting the "weather man" and now one run of my vapor barrier has been rained on. Can I lay the sheets on top of this before it is completely dry or will the moisture be trapped and attack the underside? Construction is 2X6 purlins on edge spanning between trusses, vapor barrier, sheeting. Building is a barn so there is plenty of air circulation.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
I assume you are using fiberglass insualtion with a vapor barrier. If so, it will dry out if you have a vented ridge. If not, leaving the ridge flash/cap off during a warm dry period should allow the moisture to evaporate and escape.
Thanks Ken! Yes, the ridge is vented so that is good news as the Pacific NW doesn't get many warm dry periods, especially between now and next July!
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