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I am re-roofing my home and changing from asphalt shingles to "U" panel metal roofing. My home was built in 1964 and has a "butterfly" roof with no attic space anywhere in my home. It must already have some insulation because it is "so-so" on energy usage. My plans are to strip all of the shingles from the decking; add non-perforated radiant barrier film to the top of the decking (with shiney side up); install 1x4 horizonal furring strips on top of the radiant barrier film (every 2'); then finish with installation of "U" panel screwed to furring strips. I am battling heat more than cold in Austin. Do you agree with this plan? Is my barrier sufficient? Will the air travel through the "U" sufficiently? And, am I okey on avoiding condensation? thanks, Gary
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Very good question. I am also in central Texas. Wonder why you've not recieved an answer from the expert.... Paul
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