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I'm getting ready to build a house and was considering vertical copper standing seem siding but I'm unsure of an appropriate guage and what the square footage cost may be. The fastners would have to be concealed. Does this seem like a reasonable idea? Thanks for your help
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Hi Mike, Sure, this is a reasonable idea. Keep in mind that you have to allow for the fact that runoff from the coppoer could cause streaking on things below it. Most manufacturers of standing seam do offer copper as an option. In most cases with standing seam, it is 16 ounce copper. As far as pricing, MRA anti-trust guidelines prevent us from discussing pricing in a public forum such as this but, if you contact individual manufacturers, I am sure they can help you out on an individual basis. Virtually all copper standing seam I have seen has concealed fasteners.
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