Vincent Bauer
Should I give up on Metal Roof
I have been living in a house with a metal roof for 4 years. It was new when I moved in and has leaked from day one. I have a pitched roof connected to a flat porch roof. After many companies and experts trying to fix it there is still a leak. Should I look to get it replaced? My porch ceiling has been ruined twice and there are 3 rooms in the house that leak. Do I need a lawyer? Thanks in advance.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It sounds like there may be a pitch change involved or perhaps the roofing was installed on too low of pitch to begin with. Have you had the roofing manufacturer take a look at things?
Aaron Scurlock
The Best in Polymer Roofing Soutions
The next course of action would, of course depend on site conditions, the system installed, the methods used, etc. More detail would help greatly.
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