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I am going to have a log home built in a few years and love the look of a metal roof. However, I met w/ a builder who said a metal roof creates condensation issues, and that's why he doesn't have one on his own log home. I've read about condensation and vapor barriers on this site. Do you need an attic for these to be most effective? My house won't have an attic. Thanks.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
You don't have to have an attic. You do want to have a vapor barrier under the roof insulation. This will prevent warm, moist air from coming into contact with a cold surface, such as the bottom of the metal panels, and condensing. You also should provide an air cavity between the deck and the metal roof to allow for convective air flow which will help prevent condensation, lower the deck temperature in the summer and help prevent ice dams in the winter.
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How do you create an airspace if using a standing seam roof requiring a solid deck .
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In that case you would have to eitehr vent strictly in the attic or add an airspace and a second roofdeck on top of your current roofdeck.
Aaron Scurlock
The Best in Polymer Roofing Soutions
Condensation issues are esily remedied by installing an ice barrier 24" inside the warm wall, and 30# felt to cover the remaining roof deck. Insulate the ceiling and vent the attic. You should be just fine if the roof systemm is properly installed.
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