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I am reluctant to purchase my new metal roof for my house as I hear of all the different tests that they must uphold. I live in Colorado and as you may know, we have some very wicked hail storms at times and I need a roof that is not only going to withstand the best environmental problems, as well as I want to know if there are any kind of cosmetic warranties out there. I have heard of some different tests that are done; such as the one done by the Underwriter Laboratories, but I am looking for info such as the gauge of the metal and the warranties, if any, available in Denver, Co Thanks so much Lisa
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are many things to consider when thinking about hail resistance. First, a very strong point of metal roofing is that it will resist hail the same when it is many years old as it will when it is new. The UL 2218 Impact Resistance Test is performed on new roofing materials only. This concerns me because I know that there are non-metal products passing this test which would not pass the test if aged materials were tested. Next, in looking at the impact resistance of metal, things such as gauge, metal type, panel configuration, and surface coating all play a role. Additional, some of the shake and other facsimile products have optional foam backers for extra rigidity. Thicker metal can play a role in hail resistance. However, configuration of the panel plays a real tole. A heavily textured roof panel, as an example, can be formed out of thinner metal and be just as hail resistant as a smoother panel formed out of heavier metal. For answer to most of your questions, you need to make inquiries with specific manufacturers. Many metal roofs do come with hail warranties of one type or another. Most of them will not include cosmetic damage though because, obviously, any roof can only withstand so much in terms of hail size and impact. And, unfortunately, after a storm, there is rarely a way to quantify how severe the hail was. Many manufacturers will warrant their finishes against chipping due to hail. They will also often warrant against loss of impact resistance with age. You might also see whether the warranty provides materials only or materials and labor should a failure occur. Also, many of the smaller panel metal roofs can be repaired if hail damage does occur. Additionally, a heavier profiled product will actually "mask" some indentations caused by severe hail. Good luck. All Best.
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You are the the first to acknowledge that hail can be a problem for metal roofs. I just had a 24 gauge metal roof totaled because of a hail storm. The rational was that the coating of the surface "might" have compromized so the roof had to be replaced. We had some large hail--about tennis ball size. My question is would a larger gauge provide better protection. If so, what considerations should be made for the additional weight of a heavier gauge roof.
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
While metal roofs do resist hail better than most other roofing materials, if the hail is large enough, they too can be damaged. I have seen a number of roofs dented by hail but not to the point where the metal was fractured. While they may be unattractive with the dents in them, they seldom are dented bad enough to fracture and cause leaks. A heavier gauge panel typically will better resist denting, though most 29 gauge panels carry the UL Class 4 impact resistance rating. Since heavier gauge panels weigh more, one would have to ensure that the structure is capable of suporting the additional weight.
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