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My wife and I are interested in buying a house with a 100 year old metal roof. It appears to have been painted, but there are areas of what appears to be thin, sparse rust, sometimes several inches across. They do not appear in a regular pattern, but thinly in both sloping and flatter planes. Does this need to be cleaned or replaced? If so, how involved and expensive is the process? I would appreciate your help very much. The expense might determine whether we go on with the purchase. We have a contingency contract and $1000.00 down. Keith Callis
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I really cannot estimate expense or severity .. depends so much on how widespread it is, how deep it is, what the base metal is, how big the house is ... whether flashings are affected. But it can be cleaned up and painted or coated with elastomeric ... to do the entire roof could run maybe $2 - 3 per square foot, give or take a bit.
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